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G101 the ultimate degreaser

Posted: October 19, 2013 by robertqueree in Products
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Always in stock and used by all in the garage almost every week to clean up something! It cleans just about everything.

  • Autosmart G101 is a great all round non caustic highly dilutable cleaner.
  • Use on those difficult to clean areas of the interior, such as headlinings, door panels and boot linings.
  • Highly dilutable. An excellent multi-purpose non-caustic cleaner.
  • Especially effective on hard surfaces, painted surfaces, wheels, bonnet areas + plant & manufacturing equipment

Dilution rates Degreasing hot: 1:20 cold 1:8 General cleaning hot: 1:50 cold 1:30 Bug or ink removal wheel cleaning and polymer removal 1:5 Advanced solvent free formulation cleans quickly & safely highly effective on grease, oil, glass, fabric, plastic, brake dust, soot, ink rubber, vinyl, worktops, floors, the list is endless removes polymer coatings from cars, boats, caravans, mx bikes, mountain bikes can also be used in any carpet cleaning machine or direct out of mini jet spray bottle to clean seats carpets this is not like (TFR) traffic film remover as it has a non caustic formula. This will last years as with all autosmart products a little goes a long way.