Car Batteries


Why Bosch?

What do drivers particularly appreciate about their car? Reliability. The certain knowledge of being able to travel from A to B all day, every day.

Good engine starting performance is a key aspect. To satisfy this demand with a consistently high level of starting power, Bosch batteries are tested under extreme temperature conditions – in the heat of Nevada and at the Arctic Circle. The results of the tests set new standards in terms of improving the battery technology, service life and cold starting performance.

The comprehensive Bosch range is tailor-made to suit all customer requirements: The three categories S3-S4-S5 are now available with innovative PowerFrame-technology. The further enhanced quality of the positive grid guarantees even better performance and greater reliability.

S3 – An economical solution that is reliable with a good sense of value for money, suited for the compact class and vehicles with fewer electrical convenience features.

S4 – The reliable starting performance of this powerful energy source meets the increasing demands in all vehicle classes. The 95% market coverage means that even the special requirements for Asian vehicles can be fulfilled.

S5 – Top of the range vehicles demand excellent battery capacity: For the reliable starting of high-power engines and a guaranteed power supply for safety and convenience features.

We’ve got you covered!

Platinum International offer a wide range of batteries including a complete range of:

  • Start / Stop Enhanced Cyclic Mat (ECM)
  • Start / Stop Plus Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries.
  • Conventional Plus batteries
  • Conventional

Our range of batteries are engineered to meet and exceed the specification of batteries fitted by the Vehicle Manufacturer.

To further support our range of batteries we have the Connect Portal, which includes a VRM look up tool that matches a vehicle to the correct battery and provides step by step fitting instructions.